Legal notice

Reka Product Support Service

Reka Cables maintain this Product Support Service for use of customers of Reka Cables Ltd and customers of Reka Corporation. From the Service customers can load and obtain in e-form product – and support material for Reka Products for their own business needs. Reka Product Support Service can be used by all customers, who approve these conditions.

The use of Reka® trade mark and the material obtainable from the Product Support Service is limited to the normal conduct of business of customers and to connection thereof, but provided that that the use will not defame the Reka® trade mark and is not in conflict with good business manners. The right of use of use is free of charges and valid until further notice.

The customer is not allowed to convey the material loaded or printed from Reka Product Support Service, except in normal connection to business for purposes such as planning, advertising and the like or as attached to such material. The origin of the material must be mentioned in connection thereof.

Reka® trade mark and the material obtainable in e-form from Reka Product Support Service, as well as the copyrights related thereof, are property of Reka Cables Ltd and in connection with copying or printing these rights will not be conveyed of transferred to the customer even in part. Reka Cables Ltd guarantees that these materials, which can be printed or loaded from the site, do not infringe immaterial rights of third parties.

Reka Cables Ltd reserves the right to close the Product Support Service without prior notice and reserves the right to limit or prevent the use of the Product Support Service by certain identified users without prior notice.

The pages of Reka Product Support Service can be used in the form as they appear at each occasion. Reka Cables Ltd has done its best to ensure that the information is correct and up-to-date, but it can nor be guaranteed that the pages could not contain unintended mistakes or out-of-date information. Reka Cables Ltd underlines that technical information and price information on the pages is not binding.

Reka Cables Ltd is not liable for damages, which may result in relation with mistakes or incorrect information on the pages or files of Reka Product Service, malfunction of the pages or with use of information obtainable from the pages without separately confirming from Reka Cables Ltd that the information used is correct and up-to-date.